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Servicing & Repairs

We can help to keep your bike in good working order with our service and repair packages. We can collect your bike, or fix on site from anywhere in the local area* dependant on the type of service or repair needed. Bikes will be fully appraised before any work is carried out and any additional work will be advised and agreed on. Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the bike or its components but this will be advised.


*Free within a 15 mile radius, additional charges apply outside this.

All costs are for labour only and any parts will be additional to this.


Tyres & Wheels

Tyre or tube replacement - £6

Wheel truing (subject to wheel condition) - £15

Wheel spindle/bearing replacement/re-grease - £16



Gear adjustment/index (with existing cable) - £6

Gear service (including replacement cables and lubricate) - £20

Single cable replace and adjust - £10

Chain fitting - £8

Front/rear mech fit - from £15

Bottom bracket service/replace - £20

Crank set replacement - from £13

Swap cassette - £5



Brake adjustment (with existing cable) - £6

Brake service (including new cables) - £18

Brake blocks fitted (front or rear) - £6


Handlebars & Headsets

Fit new headset (including cups) -  from £25

Supply and fit headset bearings - from £20

Fit replacement handlebars - from £20

Fit replacement stem - from £15

Fit new bar tape - £10



Build up new frame and components - £80

Build bike from a box (non geared) - £25

Build bike from a box (geared) - £35


Basic Service

Brakes checked

Gears checked and adjusted

Tyres inspected & inflated correctly

Check and tighten nuts and bolts



Enhanced Service

Brakes checked and adjusted

Gears checked and adjusted

Tyres inspected & correctly inflated

Wheels trued

Drive train checked for wear and lubricated

Hubs inspected and grease if accessible



Full Service

Bike stripped and frame inspected

Headset adjusted and greased

Brakes checked & adjusted

Tyres inspected & inflated correctly

Drive train inspected for wear and lubricated

Wheels trued

Hubs inspected and greased if accessible




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